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Burial and Membership Requirements

1.      Requirements for general membership

A.    Prior burial of family members or ancestors in Crum Cemetery or

B.     Local residents only.

C.     Request for membership by an Individual and receiving

a.       Approval by majority vote of Board of Trustees

b.      Approval by majority vote of Membership


2.      Approval of burial of non-member

A.    Local residents only.

B.     By majority vote by Board of Trustees or Membership

C.     Burial in Crum Cemetery is by approval only

D.    Request for burial approval from the Board of Trustees or Trustee Committee is to be made forty-eight (48) hours prior to the expected burial.  A majority vote by the Board of Trustees is required.


3.      Requirements for burial

A.    A donation must be made to the Crum Cemetery Association before granting permission for burial of non members, with the amount to be determined by the Trustees.

B.     Burial Plot is 5 x 10 (Five feet by ten feet).  A lot is more than one plot.

C.     Casket to be placed in a waterproof vault and buried underground.

D.    Permanent headstone of granite, marble or military showing name, date of death and date of birth, if known, to be set in place within six (6) months after burial.

E.     All effort must be made to align grave site and place in designated area.


4.      Requirements of Members

A.    An annual donation of $25.00 for Membership Dues.

B.     Donations payable to Crum Cemetery Association.

C.     Headstones and grave sites to be maintained by family.

D.    Plots/Lots are to be marked with flat corner stones or concrete corner markers.

E.     No fences, overhead arches, oversize construction, wooden or PVC structures nor mausoleums will be permitted.

F.      US Flags must be on a permanent metal post (No PVC or wooden posts allowed) and placed beside the headstone.  Care and maintenance of the US Flag is the Members responsibility.  No faded, ripped or torn flags are permitted.  If a US Flag is found in this condition by a Trustee, it will be removed and properly disposed of.

G.    Benches are to be made of stone or concrete and are the responsibility of the Member.  Benches can not interfere with the maintenance of the cemetery.

H.    Members are responsible for any plants, shrubs or trees placed on their   plot/lot and should be kept pruned to a reasonably size.  Plants, shrubs or tress can not interfere with the maintenance of the cemetery.

I.       Items left at the burial site (wind chimes, solar lights, toys, etc.) should be limited and must be placed on or beside the headstone.  No items can interfere with the maintenance of the cemetery. 


5.      Maintenance and mowing to be done by a selected maintenance crew and is funded by membership dues


6.      If any item placed on or around the burial site that is found to interfere with the maintenance of the cemetery, will be removed by a Trustee.


7.      Members are required to notify the Secretary of any change in their address or telephone number.


8.      Annual General Membership meeting will be held during the month of April or May.


9.      Additional membership meetings may be called at the discretion of the Trustees


10.  Request members to perpetuate the care of the cemetery in their behalf by

A.    Family members

B.     Will

C.     Trust

D.    Other means


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